International Placements

The International Placements Cell at Infiniti Connect Consulting offers several opportunities for aspiring candidates to seek out a job outside India. We specialise in consulting candidates in identifying and applying for overseas jobs in the healthcare sector, besides other professional domains. Our success rates are much higher due to the fact that we also offer end-to-end selection and recruitment services for all our internationalclients in healthcare domain.We have close to a decade of experience into the recruitment process and we have a comprehensive experience and insights of both international recruiters and candidates that are seeking better career opportunities.

We understand the aspirations of medical professionals to achieve a rewarding career in top placed healthcare institutes across the world. The overseas healthcare institutes have a dearth of quality medical professionals that shall find themselves in-sync with the cultures and work ethics there and thus the hospitals are looking to engagewith all feasible medical positions (that are attracting talents) to be assumed. This is a win-win situation for both the candidates and healthcare clients with multiple professional and financial benefits.

We have numerous permanent positions available in healthcare and other allied sectors for qualified nurses, doctors and medical technicians in the Middle East countries, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealandwho would wish to come and work there. We maintain strict adherence to localgovernments’ guidelines and an appropriate reference check to provide a hassle free service for our deserving candidates. If you are an international aspirant looking for career opportunities in the aforementioned countries with requisite qualifications, we can offer you an opportunity to realize your dreams.

The requirement of qualified nurses overseas has been swelling on both qualitative and quantitative basis due to the dearth of competent medical professionals that can consistently deliver quality services and meet their clients’ expectations and standards.

Our comprehensive and systemized way of providing healthcare manpower solutions begins by helping people be more process-oriented. We have in-house capabilities that take care of the entire cycle of sourcing through selection. This includes a 360-degree approach that includes: