One of our core strengths is a wide network of parters besides our core team of healthcare professionals that work with us to provide associated services that may be essential for your overall success. Seeking for a job overseas can be complicated and long drawn process due to the multiple touch points involved such as immigration, travel, licensure examination, language proficiency among others. We enable candidates to seemlessly navigate through the process through our inhouse expertise as well as by drawing on the experience of our specialist network partners.

Providing the best men for a job is what is required for the culmination for successful recruitment, and we follow a series of premeditated steps to achieve it. We have an experience in:

Each of these steps is significant because the client is usually interested in a definitive range of skillset that a candidate may not have in totality. We thus develop your prowess by enhancing all your professional skills that are required to work in that environment.

We can also provide you with a professional CV to help you showcase your academic qualifications that suit your client’s requirements the best and secure a better prospect at the interview.

Some of the partners we work are:
1. Clinical Trainings – AHA courses such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
2. Language Proficiency- IELTS, OET and other foreign languages proficiency traning and examination facilitation
3. Soft Skills Training such as cultural acclimitisation, etiquettes and behavioural trainings
4. Licensure Examination Training

5. Background verification and dataflow
6. Visa and Immigration Services
7. Travel Arrangements