As an experienced multifarious business recruitment and consulting entity, we have a comprehensive competency in hiring skilled nurses to hospitals and nursing homes. We offer a host of services to assist candidates in realising their dream jobs. These services include:

Sourcing jobs matching your profile
We observe absolute precision in sourcing, matching and processing your profile to ascertain your professional competence. We map your profile with the numerous openings available with us to assist you to find the best possible job in line with your preferences and competencies. We also counsel you for the next series of steps that shall be in your best interests professionally.

Assistance with CV preparation/ Resume Making
A professional CV can often be a determining factor betweenselection and rejection of a candidate. We help you showcase all your academic qualifications and experience that relate to your professional achievements to create, develop and improve your resume and appending it with an appropriate use of industry-specific keywords that will be recognized by potential employers when they see your curriculum vitae.We offer you a specialized, interview-centred and result-oriented professional resume writing services to ensure a 360-degree treatment to your profile with our personalised approach. We also give you opportunities to suggest to us revisions in your resume.

Arranging Interviews
Once you have positively satisfied all the criteria required for the preliminary rounds, we shall prepare you mentally for the interviews by debriefing you about the process. This step is arranging interviews with our client for the position you are best suited for.

A panel of experienced Multidisciplinary Healthcare Team screens all our candidates for their aptitudes and prowess alike. We have put in place reasonable screening measures through proper fitment and alignment of individuals that are a prerequisite as laid down by various nursing councils across the world. Another quality factor is of the readiness of assessment of migration status in terms of qualifications and financial matters.

Counselling and Career Guidance
People are more likely to attempt a career change when they feel that they have a better opportunity to grow in a different role or place. You have a right to achieve your dream career and we can help you go about it appropriately. We also give you a professional advice regarding how to go about your preferred career aspirations in line with your core competencies.

Training Need Analysis
We shall provide you with a roadmap to with our skill assessment and clinical competency mapping. A list of certifications is advised to every candidate, and recommendations are made on the basis of industry best practices. We provide Certified Training Assistance as a value-added propositionfor American Heart Association (AHA) cources.
The approved training structure includes Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Critical Life support (ACLS). Please note that this module is certified by AHA and is diligently undertaken by its International Training Centres.

Skill Development Assistance
There is a marked difference between acting operationally and acting strategically. This is precisely why our approach to training and skills development is radically different from others becausewe provide you with the skills that go a long way to be an integral part of our client’s work culture and this helps you professionally way beyond the quality time you spend with us.

Licensure Examination Training Assistance
Infiniti Connect has multiple national Licensure Examination Training Institutes that provide trainings for the following overseas medical authorities:

These training classes are scheduled in the mornings and evenings and can be attended as per the conclusion of different working shifts. We also provide IELTS and OET training through our partnered Institutes.

Primary Source Verification Assistance
We have a standardized approach to deal with our partnerships with all licensing bodies that require PSV and for achieving the ends, we have outsourced the verification process to a specialist global company, Dataflow Ltd. This process ensures a quick response time to our clients and aspirants alike.

English Proficiency Training and Examination Assistance
A proper understanding their native language or mother tongue is of utmost significance to work in a new environment. US, UK and most European countries allow candidates with a IELTS and allied tests to ascertain your ability to comprehend in English as a preferred mode of communication. We also provide structured assistance in training for this exam to help you clear it with flying colours.

Preparation for Industry Exposure with Mock Interviews
Everything comes with time and patience, but nothing worthwhile that comes along can be achieved without practice. We understand your anxiety to perform the best and that is why we have put in place a series of mock interviews in stimulated environments to acclimatize you with the process.

Immigration Guidance
We provide you valuable insight regarding the local rules that shall govern the term of your arrival, stay, work and departure. Since this is a sensitive issue, we prepare you well in advance about any cultural dos and don’ts that you may need, besides your visa and related formalities.